• Cancellation - Insurance

  • Right of withdrawal

    For renting a holiday home the right of withdrawal is precluded because the supply of which commenced, with the explicit consent of the consumer, before the withdrawal period had lapsed.

  • Can my booking be canceled if I do not pay on time?

    If we do not receive your payment on time, we do indeed have the right to cancel your booking. We have strict agreements with the owners that we have to live up to.

    Correct payment by all parties is very important.

    Should you exceed the payment term, please contact our customer service so that we are at least informed of the delay.

    Possibly we can work out a suitable solution.

    If we have to cancel the booking this does not mean that you are relieved of your payment obligations.

    This can be read in our terms and conditions.

    So it is always advisable to find the best solution together.

  • I want to cancel my booking?

    There may be circumstances due to which, unfortunately, you are forced to cancel a booking.

    In that case, the first thing to do is to inform us of your cancellation in writing.

    Clearly state your name, reservation number and your phone number.

    If you have taken out cancellation insurance and the reason of the cancellation meets your cancellation policy terms there is the possibility to claim the damage.

    Your cancellation does not relieve you of your obligation to pay, more information about this can be found in our terms and conditions.

  • What are the costs in case of cancellation?

    If canceled up to the 42th calendar day (exclusive) before arrival: the deposit.

    Cancellation from the 42th calendar day (inclusive) until the 28th day (exclusive) before the arrival: 60% of the rent.

    Cancellation from the 28th calendar day (inclusive) until the arrival: 90 % of the rent.

    Cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the full rent.

  • Cancellation insurance

    Can you imagine that you need to cancel, and you have no insurance?  

    We always advise you to close cancellation insurance; you are after all never sure of the situation within your family, relatives and circumstances that may force you to cancel your vacation.

    If you have chosen to close a cancellation insurance during your booking through our company, you will find the clear terms and conditions on our website under Information ➝ travel insurance. Already booked and confirmed bookings are not eligible for cancellation insurance, this can only be done when you enter the booking.

  • Booking with Azurselect

  • Will I receive a booking confirmation?

    You will receive a confirmation email immediately after booking.

  • Are only available holiday homes displayed?

    In a search, enter the requirements that you have for your holiday home, as well as the chosen period.

    The system will then display only the holiday homes that meet these requirements, and are available in the selected period.

    If you are flexible with your arrival date, we advise you to search on multiple dates and adjust the search periods.

    In the calendar of a specific home you can see the possible availability in other periods as well as in the period you requested.

    A Saturday that is green is available, if it is white it is no longer available.

    So if you are interested in a particular house, you can immediately see and decide whether you want to book in an earlier or later period if it is not available during your preferred period.

  • I have booked but received no confirmation?

    We advise you to check your spam folder to see if the confirmation has landed there.

    If this is not the case, you should contact our customer service and we will check your booking in our system.

    The sender address is [email protected]


  • Refine your search

    Our search system works with an accelerated search system, in which you can indicate the most important requirements for displaying a specific list of available holiday homes that meet these requirements.

    The system will process your preference in seconds.

    You will also see a filter button in order to refine your search.

    By selecting some of these options the system will instantly refine the search and show only what exactly meets your demand.

  • I have confirmed my reservation so what happens now?

    Directly after your booking our team will contact the owner of your holiday home to confirm the booking.

    The reply will usually come within 24 hours and if everything is confirmed you will receive an email with the invoice for the down payment amounting to 35 % of the reservation.

    You will find our online payment possibilities for the down payment at the bottom of the website, as well as in chapter 6 of this FAQ.

    Of course you also have the option to pay by means of a normal bank transfer.

  • You found something and would like to book

    By clicking the Saturday of your arrival in the calendar on the profile page of your selected holiday home you will open a screen with the prices per week and a "book now" button that allows you to start the reservation.

    During the booking process you will see various control screens where you can see the entered information, check it and adjust if necessary.

    At the last page you can confirm the information entered by clicking the button "confirm booking".

  • Do I receive my travel voucher immediately?

    You will receive the travel voucher no later than 2 weeks prior to your departure, because we like to have the latest information regarding the house manager/key-holder.

    Managers can also go on holiday, and experience has taught us to check the latest situation two weeks before your arrival.

    You will receive the travel documents by email.

    A condition for sending your travel voucher is obviously that the invoices are paid in full.

  • Book by phone

    For a phone booking, please contact our customer service, for which you can find the contact details on our homepage.

    We have local phone numbers in:

    Belgium 078-481833

    France 0975-183410

    Germany 032-211001186

    Netherlands 085-2081119

    Switzerland 022-5182426

    United Kingdom 0124-5891149

  • Is the information in my booking final?

    You can always contact our customer service for adjustments, however, changes can only be made if they are accepted and confirmed in writing by our staff.

    So make sure that you enter the correct information when booking.

    The consequences of incorrect information you have entered during the booking process are your responsibility.

  • Up to which date before departure can I book?

    Our experience has shown that we can accept your booking at the latest 2 days before your arrival.

    This is because the owner of the holiday home or villa needs to make proper preparation before your arrival in order to take care that everything is in good order.

    You can always contact the customer service department, and within a few hours they will give you information whether booking is still possible.

  • Is it possible to take an option?

    If you wish to take an option on a holiday home that is usually possible, please contact our customer service.

  • The holiday home

  • The villa is suited for 6 persons, but I read only two bedrooms?

    We assess our houses for the maximum number of "acceptable" sleeping places, because people want to go on vacation with the maximum number of persons.

    If you see more people than bedrooms normally accommodate, you can find in our description the details regarding the sleeping arrangements.

    It is always preferable to opt for a holiday home with a good ratio between the number of bedrooms and guests.

    Should you opt for a house that accommodates more than 2 people per bedroom than it is good advice to read the description carefully.

    Creating new sleeping places is not allowed unless our staff has given written consent when booking.

  • I would like to receive the address of the holiday home?

    For reasons of safety and privacy, we do not provide the exact details of the property until you receive your voucher 2 weeks prior to arrival.

  • Can I get more information?

    On our websites, we give as much information about the holiday home as possible, and you can assume that this information is correct.

    But if you want to know something that is not mentioned on the website please contact our customer service.

    Our staff will happily answer your questions.

  • How is the total number of persons counted when booking?

    When making your booking, enter the total number of people in your party.

    Please include your children and infants as well, so if you come with 6 adults 1 child and 1 baby this counts as 8 people.

    In many of our houses however, exceptions are made for babies when mentioning the number of people the property is suited for, so you add 1 or maximum 2 babies to the number of people the house is suited for.  

    A house, whose profile indicates that it is suitable for 6 people, can thus sleep 6 adults and 2 babies.

    You should however keep in mind that not all homes are equipped with a cot.

    Upon booking, you can submit a request for a cot.

    If this is not available, you can bring it yourself.

    Please note that you must notify us if the number of people including babies exceeds the total number of persons allowed.

    Groups with participants over the number of people the property is suited for are not allowed, unless written permission is granted.

  • The villa is described for 8 persons + 3K ?

    For some villas we distinguish between the number of adults and the number of children (K). This because we deem the beds or sleeping quarters unsuitable for an adult.

    This could be in loft beds, bunk beds or sofa beds, but also small beds which are well suited for a child, but not for an adult.

  • Additional information

  • What about the cleaning of your holiday home?

    For the terms of cleaning, refer to the property information on our website.

    These are also written on your travel voucher. If there are cleaning charges they are payable on arrival.

    If it is mentioned " leave clean at departure" " you can take care of the cleaning yourself, and this means that the floor is swept clean, the dishes are washed and placed in the cupboards. Please note, however, that when the house is left unclean, the homeowner has the right to charge additional cleaning fees.

    Therefore you should ask at your departure if the cleaning is satisfactory.

    If upon your request there was an in-between cleaning you will have to settle the costs for this there as well.

  • Who is responsible for damage caused?

    You, as the tenant, are legally liable for damage caused.

    You are also required to report damage directly to the manager or owner.

    If possible, take photographs of the damage, and ask whether it is possible to receive a costing on the spot.

  • Our pet will join us on our holiday.

    If your pet is traveling with you, you must be in possession of a pet passport; for many countries, different conditions apply.

    We advise you to contact your veterinarian for more details.

    Some countries request a tick treatment and blood tests.

    In Europe however, in most cases an animal passport with the usual vaccinations is sufficient. Remember when taking your pet to bring a line as well, not all holiday homes are suited to let your pet run loose.

    If not mentioned on the website, it is advisable to ask if the garden is closed; we can never accept responsibility if there are cracks in the fence so that your animal can get on the road. Pets are NEVER allowed to swim in the pool.

  • What about the linen and towels?

    On our site you will find at every holiday home information regarding the possibilities to rent bed linen and towels, or information whether this is included in the rental fees.

    Please note that beach towels are not included in a linen rental package.

    On your voucher, you will find the information we have passed regarding your linen preference to the manager, please contact us if this is incorrect or needs to be changed.

    If there is a linen rental it must always be paid on arrival, unless something different is specifically mentioned on your invoice.

    Check our website to see if towels are included in the linen rental.

    If this is the case, it is normally a large and a small towel, and optionally a washcloth, per person.

    If you do not consider this to be enough, then it is advisable to bring your own extra towels. Please read the information on linen in the property description of the house you have booked, or are interested in booking, carefully.

  • "My bookings"

  • Questions regarding "My bookings”?

    If you have any questions regarding "My Bookings" please contact our customer service.

    If you find an error please notify us as soon as possible by email.

    For reasons of security and privacy we cannot make changes to your reservation without written confirmation sent from the email address that was used during the booking.

  • I have paid but cannot find the payment in the system?

    If you have paid, the payment will be processed within a few days in our system.

    You will receive an email confirmation that your payment was received.

    Payment can then be found in "My bookings".

    If a payment has not yet been processed by the due date of the invoice, then it may be that you will receive a reminder.

    In that case please consider this reminder as not being sent.

  • "My bookings"

    You can find the "My bookings" section at the bottom of every web page on our website.

    "My bookings" allow you to check your data, verify your payment status and also print a copy of your documents.

    You can change your personal information there if they have changed.

    Our system reads your information in "My bookings" before sending your travel information. There is nothing you have to do to create an account, this happens automatically when you enter a reservation.

  • Log in to "My bookings"

    You can login "My bookings" with the email address you used during your booking and the booking number on your confirmation.

  • Azurselect

  • Our terms and conditions

    We work with clear terms for our owners and customers.

    It is always advisable to carefully read the terms and conditions of the company where you intend to book your holiday.

    Many people click the checkmark to accept terms and conditions, but you will be surprised at how these conditions may vary per organisation.

    You can find our terms and conditions at the bottom of every page on our website.

  • What about the privacy of my data?

    Our company follows strict rules as stated in the Dutch law regarding the registration of personal data.

    We refer also to our privacy statement.

    The information provided to us will never be shared with others, and is given in a secure environment, which can be recognized by the padlock and https designation in front of the web page address (URL).

    Your contact information will be disclosed only to persons who are directly involved in your booking such as the owner and caretaker of your holiday home.

    Online payments go through an authorised payment provider, or you pay by bank transfer.

    We will never have access to your credit card information, and thus this cannot be stored.

    The servers of our organisation are all in secure European data centers.

  • The lowest price guarantee

    Azurselect has offices and staff in the countries where we rent out our homes, and we work directly with the owner so we can therefore guarantee you the lowest price; this also gives you the guarantee that we frequently visit the villas and homes that we rent out and check their quality.  

    Should you find the same villa that you have booked within 7 days at a lower price during the same period at another agent, we will refund you the difference and you will receive a coupon for 3 % discount on a future booking!

    Please send an email with the URL of the website where you have found the property to info@azurselect.com quoting our house code and your booking number.

    If your application meets the requirements, you will receive within 5 days a credit note for the difference, as well as the discount coupon.

  • No booking costs or other hidden charges

    Before you book with Azurselect you will find all the costs clearly on the website.

    Whether you make a phone booking, or enter the booking directly online yourself, you can book for the amount you see on the website.

    There are no hidden fees and no booking costs.

    What you see is what you pay!

  • Associated with the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR)

    Azurselect is associated with the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR) under number 3614.

    The SGR guarantees your prepaid travel money.

    But this only applies if you book with a travel agency that is affiliated with the SGR!

    To become a member of the SGR, a travel agent has to have their books checked every year, and also has to provide a bank guarantee.

    Only serious travel agencies and mediators will make this effort.

    Booking with a SGR affiliated agent costs you nothing extra, so be sure that you only book through an organisation affiliated with the SGR, because only then you will have certainty about your prepaid money.

  • Member Webshop Trustmark.

    Azurselect is a member of the Dutch association Webshop Trustmark.

    Webshop Trustmark is the Dutch quality mark for buying goods and services over the Internet. The purpose of issuing the Webshop Trustmark is to promote trust in online shopping for consumers.

    Consumers can count on web shops with Webshop Trustmark logo to meet important criteria in terms of financial stability, safety, laws and regulations, and the rules and regulations of Webshop Trustmark itself.

    All members are certified every year.

    Webshop Trustmark can assess any complaints and has the task of protecting the consumers by the use of reasonable terms and conditions.

    These rules are determined in cooperation with the Dutch Consumers' Association.

  • About Azurselect

    Azurselect is through its long experience the specialist in the rental of the better holiday homes and villas that are carefully selected by our experts on location.

    This ensures you a carefree holiday in a holiday home or villa that is as described.

    Hence you will not find large supply of houses on our site, but a selective range of high quality holiday homes and villas for a great price.

  • Arrival - Departure

  • What if we want to arrive earlier or depart later?

    Our organisation must adhere to the agreements made with the owner, so we can never make any promises regarding earlier arrival or later departure.

    Your arrival and departure times are listed on your travel voucher.

    Typically, the arrival time is 16:00 and the departure time is at 10:00 in the morning.

    The intermediate time is then used for the cleaning of the house in order to be able to provide for the new tenants.

    Sometimes people arrive earlier and ask if they can leave their luggage in order to run some errands, or ask if they can start using the garden or the pool.

    Only the manager can grant these requests, but they are not obliged to do so.

  • What about the tourist taxes?

    Some holiday homes charge the tourist taxes separately.

    If this is known to us, you will find the information on our website.

    However, it may be that the rates have changed between the time of booking and your arrival. We cannot accept any liability for this.

  • Do I pay the extras on arrival?

    You pay the extra costs such as final cleaning, tourist taxes and linen rental on arrival if so mentioned on our website.

    This may include the security deposit if it was not paid to our organisation.

    In few cases the owner wants us to invoice the additional expenses, this is then clearly indicated on your invoice.

  • Do I receive the security deposit back upon departure?

    On your voucher is mentioned how the security deposit is processed or refunded.

    If you have paid the security deposit to us, then you will get this refunded from us as well, provided that the owner has not requested compensation.

    You will receive an email asking for your IBAN number within 1 week of your departure.

    If everything is approved, your security deposit will be refunded within maximum 14 days of your departure.

    We would like to remind you that the security deposit is a matter between you and the landlord, so we recommend that you always make a joint inspection with the manager.

    If something is broken please make a picture.

    Even if we manage the deposit on behalf of the owner we are contractually bound to pay them out at their first request.

  • I would like to prepare for my journey, do you have the address?

    In the travel documents that you will receive 2 weeks before arrival by email, you will find all the necessary information such as the address of your holiday home, directions and contact details of the person that will hand you the key.

    If there are specific things that you should know you can find them in your travel voucher.

  • Who will welcome us on arrival?

    Your travel voucher contains the contact details of the house manager, and you can also find our emergency number there.

    Our phones are always forwarded to a staff member, so we request you to call outside office hours in emergency situations only.

    Our advice is to call the house manager approximately 48 hours before your arrival, to confirm your arrival time.

    If the manager does not answer the phone immediately, you can try again at a later moment.

    Up to 2 hours before your arrival, it is NOT necessary to call our emergency number; managers are notified in writing of your arrival, and it is rare that this goes wrong.

    Managers often work with several houses and are also on the move, so you can usually reach them only a few hours before your arrival time.

    Many also use a specific mobile number just for that.

    If you have not yet spoken to the manager 2 hours prior to your arrival, please call our emergency number.

    In some cases, you will find an address where you can pick up the key.

  • Your inspection upon arrival.

    You probably have had a long journey and want nothing more than to enjoy the sun or a dip in the pool, which is very understandable.

    However, you pay a security deposit for your holiday home and that gives obligations to both sides.

    We ask you to check the holiday home properly on arrival with the manager of the property, and to indicate if you see something that is not in order.

    If possible, take a picture of this.

    It is important that you and the manager are in agreement before she or he leaves.

    In short, take some time for the intake and inspect the property before accepting the key.

  • Miscellaneous

  • What if you 're not satisfied with something?

    Despite the fact that the houses are very carefully assessed and inspected, it is possible that you find a situation where you are not satisfied.

    If you have a remark, even if this is not a complaint, we would like to know about it and greatly appreciate your response.

    Depending on the situation and your needs, our team will take the necessary action.

  • Complaints

    Our full complaint procedure can be found in our terms and conditions.

    Always report initially to the manager or owner, and try to work it out together.

    If this fails, please contact Azurselect by telephone +31 85 2081119 or email at [email protected]


  • Can I delete my account?

    You do not need to delete your account, because it is only active during a current reservation.

    It is possible though, to unsubscribe from the newsletter, and this you can do through the unsubscribe button in every newsletter we sent.

    Accounts that expire are automatically removed from our system.

    If you previously booked with us the system will show your data when entering your email address, and when you confirm this, the software will instantly fill in your basic information for you.

  • Paying

  • What options do I have to pay?

    Our company offers you most online payment options; we work with ICEPAY, a reputable Dutch payment provider which offers all major payment options like: IDEAL, Direct Banking, Giropay, Visa and MasterCard, as well as with Paypal and  Stripe.

    You should be aware that additional charges might apply when using some of these payment options.

    If you pay by means of an online banking system such as IDEAL or Direct banking there is no extra charge.

    Of course you can also make a bank transfer to the IBAN account number that you will find at the bottom of our invoice.

  • I have paid

    Once you have paid, we process the payment and you will receive a confirmation email.

    You can also log into "My bookings" with the combination of the email address you used when booking and your booking number.

    Here you will be able to check your payment and follow the status of your booking.

    If the payment has not been processed, you will not receive an email and you will not be able to see it in "My bookings".

    Processing of a payment shall not exceed 24 hours.

    The speed of receiving the payments depends on the country where the payment was made from, and the chosen payment option.

    This can vary from 24 hours up to 1 week. Payments by credit card or Paypal will take 2-3 working days.

    For last minute bookings, we advise you to contact us before making the payment.

  • Can I pay on arrival?

    It is not possible to pay the rental fees upon arrival. In some cases the deposit has to be paid on arrival, and in most cases cleaning and / or additional charges such as linen rent must be paid on arrival.

    It may be that at the request of the homeowner's the deposit has to be paid to our organisation. In that case we will invoice you the deposit, and we will refund you by means of a bank transfer if no problems arise.

    The term for this is not later than 2 weeks after your departure.

  • Coronavirus

  • Coronavirus and SGR Corona-voucher

    The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has had unprecedented consequences with unforeseen regulatory changes.

    Azurselect distinguishes itself by the service it offers its customers, and of course we value your health and safety.

    That is why we assess each booking individually, taking into account the current situation.

    What is important is whether the borders are open or closed, so whether you can travel to the holiday villa you have booked.

    If it is possible to travel there then our normal cancellation conditions apply.

    If travel is not allowed then there are several options.

    A booking cannot be cancelled free of charge, but can be transferred to another date, such as the same period in 2021.

    However, there are other solutions as well.

    Because Azurselect is affiliated with the SGR, we have the possibility to provide you with an SGR Corona voucher equal to the amount you have already paid for the rental.

    This is a digital voucher, which you can use as a payment method for a booking for the same accommodation up to a year after issue.

    Further information about the SGR Corona Voucher can be found on this page of the SGR:




    We will of course do everything in consultation with you and the owner, taking care to find an optimal solution for all parties involved.

    Initially we will look at the bookings with an arrival that falls within a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

    If you have any questions about your booking please do not hesitate to contact us.